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A photography project by the Shaikh Ebrahim Center (Bahrain) and the Goethe-Institut Gulf Region


Designed by the Goethe-Institut Gulf Region in cooperation with expert photographers and curators for photographic art exhibitions, DO YOU TRUST ME? is a photography project that questions the authenticity and reality traditionally associated with the medium of photography. The concept refers to the highly developed and widely used technical means of editing photographs and critically examines ethical questions that arise in this context. DO YOU TRUST ME? has a critical look at photographs, questioning the credibility and rendition of reality in photography both in journalism as well as in art.  In times of social media and fast moving news, photographs and short videos are circulating at an uncontrollable speed. This development challenges and changes traditional journalism as well as the traditional understanding of art. Today the beholder of a picture has to ask more and more if one can trust what one sees. This leads to the workshop title DO YOU TRUST ME?, asked from the perspective of the picture to any beholder.

In this installation I ask: CAN I TRUST YOU?

Recently in the history of photography, the medium has been affected profoundly, with the onset of the era of digitalization.  One can't tell the difference between what's real and what's manipulated.

This has led me to focus on myself; what it means to be a woman in this society.  We were brought up to be demure and not flaunt too much of our bodies for it brings on shame.  Does one visualize what's not perhaps there?  Of course we do... Imagination leads one to desire even more of what's hidden and unseen.

For this exhibition, I don't only focus on: Do you trust me? But more on: Do I trust you?  People gladly pay a couple of dollars to buy a lottery scratch off not knowing whether they will be winners or losers.  What if I was a lottery ticket to be scratched off?  Would you be tempted to find out what's underneath?  Would you share the results of your unveiling me knowing it might expose me to a world of gawkers?

Assumptions, temptations, money, and mystery all play a role in this drama.  In my tableaux, I will entice the viewer to make the choice...

webp1 copy.jpg
Photograph with lace dress and needle & thread
webp2 copy.jpg
Photograph with monetary clippings & scissors
webx2 copy.jpg
webp3 copy.jpg

Glass print with velvet backdrop & hammer

webx3 copy.jpg
webp4 copy.jpg

Photograph with gold scratch off and coin

webx4 copy.jpg
webp5 copy.jpg

Lace with peep hole & open top thimble

webx5 copy.jpg
webcake copy.jpg

Real edible cake in display stand & knife

webfulllayout copy.jpg

Gallery display layout

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