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The Word Whisperer (2016)


I was inspired by Ibrahim Al Arrayed's nostalgic study. Hanging there humbly on a wooden coat rack is his bisht. I have created a unique piece of tapestry shadowing it's design, and in particular the framed calligraphy of ayyat al Nour in the Koran that


its wall. The bisht, a traditional cloak for men, is a symbol of prestige; almost reminiscent of a graduation gown, echoing knowledge gained. On a more personal level,

it embodies the sense of the elder; the father who protects and looks over his home and

family. This tapestry looms in the courtyard; reflecting the tiles below and the sun above;

hanging gracefully between the past and the future with flowing words in between. Ibrahim Al Arrayed... watching over this beautiful melting pot of a nation, being Bahrain's literary world wide web, translating and fusing cultures, sharing knowledge, understanding and civility to its best.

Screen Shot 2023-05-11 at 6.50.29 PM copy.jpg
Permanent Installation at Ibrahim Al Arrayed, House of Poetry in Bahrain
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